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The Longmeadow Cemetery is located at the intersection of US Route 5 and Williams Street in Longmeadow, Massachusetts directly across the street from the Town Hall and Police Station and behind the First Church of Christ. The Longmeadow Cemetery was established in 1718.  It is currently owned and maintained by the Longmeadow Cemetery Association- a non-profit organization which was formed in 1872.  It is not affiliated with the First Church of Christ or the Town of Longmeadow.

The Burying Grounds (aka Olde Burying Yard) was included with the Longmeadow Historic District that was created in 1973 (see map).

To locate a gravestone in the Longmeadow Cemetery, you can use the cemetery lot map which is organized by lot owner.

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Longmeadow Cemetery Association


President, Betsy McKee
Vice-President, Alfred McKee
Secretary, Ann S. Cordis
Treasurer, Jennifer Catanzaro
Asst. Treasurer,  David Culver

Superintendent, Robert Danio

Board Members

Gregory Burt David Culver Betsy McKee
Jennifer Catanzaro Alan Harwood Michael Smith
Jean E. Clark David Marinelli Bruce T. Underwood
Ann S. Cordis Alfred McKee  

Click here to view historical list of Longmeadow Cemetery Assn. Board Members.

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The Longmeadow Cemetery Association would like to announce the planting of a Swamp White Oak (Quercus bicolor) in the cemetery in honor of Peter Santos' many years of service on the board of the Association.
Peter served on the board of the Longmeadow Cemetery Association from 1998-2016. His energy and enthusiasm for all things historical is well known to Longmeadow residents. A history teacher at Longmeadow High School, a world traveler, a past board member of the Longmeadow Historical Society and one of the visionaries who created the 40-year institution of Long Meddowe Days, Peter has sparked an interest in history for decades.

A strong oak, destined to be a mighty tree, is a fitting tribute to the man. Located in the center of the cemetery, it will create welcome shade for visitors in years to come.
Thank you, Peter
The Longmeadow Cemetery Association

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The Longmeadow Cemetery Association would like to announce the planting of a Tricolor Beech (Fagus sylvatica) in the Longmeadow Cemetery in honor of long-time board member Douglas E. Burt. Doug was a board member of the Association from 1978-2016. Doug, a kind and thoughtful gentleman, has been a valued gem in the Association.
A member of one of the founding families of Longmeadow, he has had an abiding love of history. He has been generous with his time and his knowledge which has been invaluable in light of his unique perspective. Also a long-time board member of the Longmeadow Historical Society, serving as Vice President and Treasurer. Doug was a regular in the Storrs House Museum, giving tours of the historical house. He also was a "ghost" for Graveyard tours at Halloween and could often be seen in costume for other historical events.

Doug's tree is planted in the center of the cemetery, near Williams Street, where it can be appreciated by passers-by.
Thank you, Doug
The Longmeadow Cemetery Association

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The Longmeadow Cemetery Association would like to announce the dedication of the Central Stairway in memory of long time board member Brewster Sturtevant. Brewster was a board member from 1969 until his passing in January of 2020--over 50 years as a dedicated volunteer, many of those years serving as President. Brewster was a true gentleman in every sense of the word, and he was passionate about history. Many people will remember seeing him giving the graveyard tour during Long Meddowe Days every May. When we held a gravestone cleaning workshop, Brewster came, floppy hat and folding chair, and pitched in.

A real student of history, he also served on the board of the Longmeadow Historical Society, and he could be found in the Williams Room (his favorite room to interpret) at the Storrs House Museum.

The Central Stair Garden is located in the heart of the cemetery, as befits the man, and leads the visitor from the central driveway up the slope to the upper level. The treads were created from granite fence posts found in the cemetery from a long-gone fence, and are lined with flowering shrubs. We think Brewster would approve.
Thank you, Brewster
The Longmeadow Cemetery Association

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The Longmeadow Cemetery Association would like to announce the dedication of the East Garden in memory of long time board member Alan W. Hobart.

Alan was a board member of the Longmeadow Cemetery Association from 1994 until his untimely passing in 2016, serving on the Investment Committee and Landscape Committee. He had a vision of the cemetery that included developing a Landscape Master Plan to improve the cemetery in profound ways. Through his inspiration, a Landscape Architect was hired and a Master Plan was developed. This plan has guided our efforts in the cemetery in many ways; including the relocation and replacement of the utility shed, tree planting and garden area creation. During this time of COVID-19 quarantine, many people were seen visiting the cemetery, enjoying the park-like atmosphere and garden areas.

Alan was an idea man--often contacting us with the latest inspiration. One of those last-minute ideas was the idea that the association should apply for a Community Preservation Act grant to perform evaluation and restoration of the historic Old Burying Ground section of the cemetery. Great idea, but the catch was that the grant was due in 3 days, and we had never written one before! The grant was submitted on time, and was successful. Eventually, several more grants were written for gravestone preservation, making the Longmeadow Cemetery a leader in gravestone preservation in the area.

Please stop by the cemetery to see the beautiful garden at the east entrance, and enjoy a walk through the peaceful setting.
Thank you Alan.
The Longmeadow Cemetery Association

Longmeadow Cemetery Association
Main Entrance: opposite 34 Williams Street, Longmeadow, MA 01106

Superintendent's Office
75 Lawnwood Avenue, Longmeadow, MA 01106